Washington: Emphasizing that focused efforts are needed to ensure economic growth and creation of jobs in US, the White House has said that necessary measures should be taken in this regard.

"Our focus has to be on the things that we can control, which is to take the necessary measures working with Congress to ensure that our economy grows, that we create jobs," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

"We took an important step towards creating economic certainty here in this country by resolving the debt ceiling crisis earlier this week but these are big issues and our work is not done," he said.

Continued focus is needed to ensure that our economy grows and that it creates jobs, Carney said.

The White House Press Secretary said US is monitoring the situation in Europe closely.

"There’s no question that this economy has faced headwinds this year, a variety of them, including the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the increase in oil prices, energy prices that resulted from the unrest in the Arab world, and the situation in Europe also," he said.

The President believes that the economy will continue to grow, that the economy will continue to create jobs, Carney said adding that "we need to do everything we can to enhance that growth and enhance that job creation."

"We need to just focus on the things we can focus on, which is to take the measures necessary to spur economic growth and job creation," he said.

"We strongly believe, as I have said, that we will continue to grow and we will continue to create jobs and we need to take the measures necessary to do that," he said.

In this calendar year a number of economic headwinds were encountered that could not have been foreseen like earthquake and tsunami in Japan that disrupted global supply chains, the unrest in the Middle East, which had an impact on oil prices, and the situation in Europe, he said.

"So obviously that has hurt the economy globally and has slowed growth and job creation, but we believe that growth and job creation will continue," Carney said