Here are a few skincare tips:

- Apply an eye gel to keep your eyes refreshed during a long flight. It can be used over makeup. It also helps to clean makeup. While flying, apply a vitamin C mask. It boosts the skin cells and gives a healthy glow. Hydration sprays are good to maintain moisture balance in the skin.

- Makeup tips: Ideally, makeup is a big no! But if you can't do without it, keep it light. Use a light concealer or tinted moisturizer, a bit of mascara, blusher and lip gloss or lipstick. Keep your lips moist by wearing a lip balm throughout the flight. Body lotions can be applied at intervals if travel duration is long. Before landing, use a cleanser, moisturizer and an eye gel. This will make you appear vibrant. Then you may apply makeup.

For a fresh look, use a natural foundation and soft blusher (light pink or peach), mascara and a natural lip gloss.


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