The whole world is concerned over rise in temperature and to combat it, everyone has to take a responsibility to conserve energy or switch to renewable sources like solar energy which does not affect the environment much.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the 2015 'UN Climate Change Conference' in Paris and stressed on the needs to conserve energy and to use solar energy as the key tool to prevent further environmental degradation.

Let's understand the need to save energy and take preventive measures to not only save environment but also to decrease energy utility bills. Here's some easy tips to follow so that our future generation can live in safe and clean environment.

1 Turn electrical appliances off when not in use or you are not in the room, such as lights, TVs, music systems and computer.

2 Buy energy-efficient LED bulbs for your most-used lights.

3 Plant at least a one tree every month to provide shade on the sunny side of your home.

4 Whenever possible, walk, car pool or use mass transit to reduce CO2 emission.

5 Follow 3Rs: Reduce, reuse, recycle. The more waste you eliminate or recycle, the more energy will be saved.

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