Makeup artist Kanikka Gauraav Tandon suggests how:

  • Go with a moisturiser: Apply heavier moisturiser a day before you are going to travel. This will help in maintaining hydration in your skin before you are exposed to dehydrating effects of cabin pressure or air conditioner effects.
  • Tie high: Tie a high pony or a high bun to combat bad hair at the end of the long flight. And make sure to carry a wide tooth hair brush always.
  • Drizzle with mineral water: To give a touch up while travelling, never add extra foundation or blush, instead drizzle mineral water and add a bit of moisturiser.
  • Pick nude colours: Avoid bright coloured nail polish while travelling as it chips too easily and gives an unfinished look. Instead, go for neutral, sheer colour or a nude hue that won't call for attention even if it chips.
  • Take your cleanser: If you can carry just a single skin care item from home, go for your cleanser as change in cleansers can abrupt skin's acid balance and results in breakout.
  • Keep hands away from face: To avoid breakouts, make sure not to touch your skin while travelling as your hands carry numerous bacteria resulting in many skin problems. Use anti-bacterial hand wash before applying makeup.
  • A big no to eye makeup: Avoid mascara and creamy eye shadows. People often take a nap while travelling, so these might trail down to cheeks.
  • Don't stick to lipstick: People prefer using long lasting lipstick, but this really dehydrates your lips and so as to have an escape go for lip gloss. Re-apply the gloss throughout the trip and your lips will look fresh.

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