Papaya and pepper corn makes a benign combination that can speed up metabolic rate, revive digestive system. It can enhance the functioning of your intestinal lining and help you to lose weight.

As you may be aware that papaya can be eaten raw, you can just slice it and have it. However, studies show that papaya works well when taken with some other food containing fat.

Papaya smoothie in breakfast can be delicious and nutritious at the same time. And papaya smoothie isn’t that tough to make. You just need to add some mashed papayas to milk and yogurt and blend it well in mixer grinder. You can add other fruit like bananas or sapodilla to thicken the smoothie.

You can have fruit salad by adding other fruits with papaya. Along with adding other fruits, you can add powdered spices and adding pepper corn will enhance both the taste and nutrition.


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