Dharmshala: The 17th Karmapa’s association for the first time, after the foreign exchange currency controversy, has come forward in support of Karmapa hailing him as the second biggest Buddhist propagator and claimed he has no links with China.

In a press conference here on Friday, 17th Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorje’s ‘Tashi Jong Youth Association’ publicly discussed issues relating to the matter of foreign exchange controversy which saw the involvement of Karmapa, who was later given a clean chit by the Centre.

On this occasion, Karmapa’s Hindi translator Acharya Roshan lal Negi lavished praises on the Tibetan religious leader and refuted the alleged link between him and China.

He said Karmapa has disciples from various countries who give him cash as well as other things in the form of offerings. Citing this, he tried to give a logical reason behind Karmapa’s embroilment in foreign exchange controversy.

Negi said Karmapa is living in India as a refugee and trying to work for the country’s welfare. All the rumors about his links with China or his being part of the currency scam are totally baseless, added Negi.