New Delhi: Better late than never, the Delhi government has finally started cracking down on violators to check food adulteration ahead of the festive season.

Delhi Health minister AK Walia has asked the Food Adulteration Control Department to acquire an effective control on adulteration in food items for which new cases can be filed under the Food Safety and Standards Act.

Dr Walia told reporters, “652 samples have been collected between August 6 and October 17. Out of 539 samples, 15 have been found to be of wrong brand. While 14 have been diagnosed of containing poor quality substances, 15 have been reported as unsafe for consumption. Similarly, cases have been filed against 15 samples under the Food Safety and Standards Act.”

Moreover, 174 samples were collected of non recognized products, 159 of dairy products, 82 of salt and spice products, 80 of grains and their products, 79 of fat and edible oil and 24 of vegetable and fruits. 

On the directions of the Health Minister, the department collected 30 samples of sweets, gram flour and khoya between October 14 and October 16. Out of the seized samples, 15 were found to be of wrong brands, 10 were of illegal products, 3 each of whole grain and its products, fat and edible oil and fruits and vegetables while the samples found to be of poor quality were of sweets, salt and spices.