Try these and earn accolades for your culinary skills.

1. Chocolate Dosa:

This one is a combination of dosa (plain or masala) with topping of white sauce, cocoa powder or sauce. This combo is going to make for a great snack.

2. Paani puri Vodka:

Fill up your paani puri (golgappa) with Vodka, Beer, or XXX Rum. Sounds weird, but makes for a spirited recipe for your circle of family and friends who are legally allowed to consume alcohol.

3. Idli Burger:

You are thinking right. Place an idli between the two equal pieces of a burger, and top with garnished coriander and cheese. The very thought is making me go and grab a bite!

4. Samosa Noodles:

Our very own favourite snack samosa, when stuffed with sweet-n-spicy noodles is a sizzler. Put oodles of noodles in a samosa and have whale of a time.

5. Bhel Paneer mix:

The Mumbaiya bhel puri with grated paneer (cheese) on top can give a tough competition to the pizza. Try karke dekho!

6. Butter Chicken Samosa:

Another lip-smacking combo. Put pieces of butter chicken in a samosa, add a few linings of chicken gravy. This one is particularly blended to enjoy over chilled beer.

Pallavi Singh/ JPN

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