New Delhi: Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma, after their hit TV series, have come out with their book which lists culinary delicacies found on every major highway in the country.

'Highway on my Plate: The Indian Guide to Roadside Eating' chronicles the roadside eateries the duo visited while hosting their show on a lifestyle channel."We had a popular show on TV. Despite that we used to receive a number of queries. This made us to think that we were not reaching out to many people. So we thought of coming up with a food guide which can be carried anywhere while you travel," says Rocky Singh.

Whether it is Punjab's legendary Kesar Da Dhaba (established in 1916) renowned for its parathas and kaali dal or the kachoris (called Kachoras) from Chawani Lal halwai in Rajasthan, the book has enough information to cater to all the foodies and those who often travel on Indian roads.
Each chapter includes information about a particular state, begins with a simple map and tracks the eateries along the landscape. The chapters are further divided on the basis of the cities and towns, and the eateries visited.

"All the food joints have been described in a very informal manner by us and it is a genuine account of what we have found. The book has been written keeping both vegetarians and non-vegetarians in mind," says Mayur.
The best part of the book is overview of the history of certain famous eateries along with the method of preparation of their delicacies which one can try at home.

At the end of each eatery description is a rating of the quality of the food on a scale from 1 to 40, the ambience and the value for money, among other things. The famous dishes are mentioned, as well as their expected prices.

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