New Delhi (Agencies): The inflation monster refuses to be reined in and continues to be a worry for GDP growth. Food inflation soared to 17.05 percent for the week ended January 22, rising for the second straight week, on the back of costlier vegetables, fruits and milk, data released on Thursday showed.

Food inflation went up by 1.48 percentage points from 15.57 per cent in the previous week. The food inflation in 2010 had stood at 20.56 percent.

On an annual basis, onion prices rose by 130.41 per cent in the third week of January, even though they have moderated considerably in the recent days.

Vegetables as a whole have became expensive by 77.05 per cent on an annual basis as potato prices rose by 6.22 percent.

Fruits and milk became costlier by 15.47 per cent and 11.41 per cent on a year on year basis respectively, data released by the government showed.

In the non-food items, fuel inflation rose by 0.66 per cent during the week after the oil marketing companies hiked petrol prices by about Rs 2.50 a litre.

"Fuel and Power" category showed an increase of 11.61 per cent year-on-year.

The overall inflation for December rose to 8.43 per cent, from 7.48 per cent in the previous month.

The RBI has projected the headline inflation to be at 7 percent by March end.