New Delhi: Food inflation declined by more than one percent to 10.39 per cent with the fall of prices of onions, potatoes and pulses.

However, prices of fruit, milk and vegetables as a group continued to remain high.

According to data released by the government, prices of potatoes declined by 12.66 per cent, pulses fell by 5.02 per cent, onions by 3.64 per cent and wheat by 2.06 per cent.

The items that became dearer during the week ended February 19 were fruits (16.34 per cent), egg, meat and fish (14.5 per cent), vegetables (14.29 per cent) and milk (11.07 per cent).

The declining prices of certain food items will have a favourable impact on headline inflation in February.

General inflation stood at 8.23 per cent in January, much above the comfort level of 5-6 per cent. Food inflation stood at 11.49 per cent in the previous week and 21.62 per cent in the corresponding period a year ago.