New Delhi: Food inflation declined marginally, but was still high at 9.32 percent for the week ended October 1 as prices of major kitchen staples continued to pinch consumers' pockets.

Food inflation, as measured on the basis of the Wholesale Price Index (WPI), stood at 9.41 percent in the previous week. The rate of price rise in food items stood at 17.14 percent in the corresponding week of 2010.

The fall in food inflation could be attributed to a moderation in the rate of price rise for some of the items on a week-on-week basis, even though they remained higher on an annual basis.

The fall could also be attributed to the high inflation rate of 17 percent in the corresponding year-ago period, a phenomenon dubbed the 'high base effect' in economic parlance.

As per data released by the government today, vegetable prices shot up by 13.01 percent, with prices of potatoes rising by 3.79 percent on an annual basis, during the week under review.

In addition, milk became 10.35 percent costlier and fruit prices rose by 12.19 percent. Protein-based items like eggs, meat and fish also became 9.92 percent more expensive on an annual basis. Cereals turned dearer by 5.41 percent, rice by 5.86 percent and pulses by 6.87 percent annually.

However, onion prices declined by 10.15 percent on an annual basis and wheat by 0.24 percent. Overall, inflation in primary articles was recorded at 10.60 percent during the week ended October 1, down from 10.84 percent in the previous week. Primary articles account for over 20 percent of wholesale price index inflation.

Inflation in non-food articles, which include fibres, oilseeds and minerals, stood at 9.59 percent during the week under review, compared to 10.77 percent in the previous week.