If you are not comfortable with your eye colour or you think it doesn't go well with your personality and you are desperately looking for a possibility to change your colour. Heave a sigh of relief, as you definitely need not to choose cosmetic surgery that will dig deep in your pockets or move over from contact lenses.

Here is the list of  food items that will change your eye colour naturally within 60 days.

Honey changes the eye colour by giving lighter shade to your eyes.

Olive Oil
Olive oil helps alter eye hue. It is also famous for giving numerous health benefits.

Uva Ursi Tea
Drinking Uva Ursi Tea daily will change the size of your pupil and give the appearance of different coloured eye.

Spinach is a rich source of iron. Therefore, they can alter the eye shade by giving more brighter shade.

Plenty of meat boosts mineral content in our body which helps change the colour of iris.

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