The CAPD Department's database has pasted picture of a Sikh man against the name of a Muslim man. In another case, the erroneous CAPD database has managed to get a man married to another man, who happens to be his son.

The most common complaint across the valley is that wrong names have been included in the database while the genuine ones have been excluded, causing anxiety among the people.

"Only one of my three sons' name figures in the list of family members against my name. The CAPD Department has added five persons, totally unknown to us, in our family," K M Dar, a lawyer, said.

Director of CAPD Kashmir AR War admitted that there were mistakes and discrepancies in the survey carried out by the department in 2012.

"There are mistakes and we have set off the process of getting these rectified," War told reporters. The official said fresh verification forms have been issued to the consumers so that they can make corrections to their details.

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