While on one hand, the state exchequer will have to deal with a torrid situation over the issue, the political pressure on the other hand will keep on ‘chasing’ the government. And if it’s implemented, a body blow will be served to the health of exchequer.

As the monsoon is expected to be weak, the productivity would be on the lower side. In an attempt to derive poll-related benefits, the UPA government had promised to provide food security to all and based on that, a Food Security Law was framed.

According to the provisions of this law, two-third of the nation’s population would be provided foodgrains at subsidized rates.

By the first week of July, the Food Security Law would come into effect in all states and Union Territories. Till now, 11 states have already implemented it and once this law comes into full-fledged effect, the beneficiaries would get foodgrains at subsidized rates, based on which staple grains would be available at Re 1/kilo, wheat at Rs 2/kilo and rice at Rs 3/kilo.

All states and Union Territories have been given time till 5th July to implement the Food Security Law.

Once the law comes into effect, a total of 6.12 crore tonne foodgrains would be required. The Food Ministry will be responsible to look after the purchase, storage and distribution of the foodgrains based on the requirements of states.

Besides, the Food Corporation of India (FCI) will look after the issues related to purchase of foodgrains from farmers to distribution among the beneficiaries. The Centre will have to spend around Rs 1.25 lakh crore. The Finance Minister is bound to face pressure over this.

There has indeed been a major discrepancy on the part of Food Ministry in terms of implementing this law which promises food security to all.

The government is deliberately avoiding the purchase of grains and according to sources, this cold approach towards purchasing it is being maintained in order to reduce the burden on food subsidies and it’s a part of a well-planned strategy.

However, this is likely to deteriorate the political health in the times to come.  


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