Like all the football fans who were anticipating a cracking contest between two top-ranked teams in the World Cup, Digvijay was also left disappointed by the one-sided contest, which was comprehensively won 4-0 by world number two team Germany.

Digvijay praised the young German team and expressed hope that Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo, who he believes was off-colour during the game, regains his mojo soon in the upcoming games.

“Germany Portugal match was a damp squib. The young German Team looks good. Ronaldo was off colour. Hope he starts rolling now,” Digvijay tweeted on Tuesday.

Digvijay also expressed his delight at the news of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher coming out of Coma, expressing optimism that he takes up driving once again after getting fully fit.

“Schumacher comes out of Coma ! A great news indeed. May we see him at wheels again,” Digvijay wrote.

Digvijay’s affection for football is not a hidden secret as he has several times in the past tweeted about the ‘beautiful game’.

On the opening day of the FIFA 2014 World Cup, Digvijay took a sarcastic jibe at rival Bharatiya Janata Party’s famous pre-election slogan ‘Acche din aane wale hain’!

“FIFA World Cup begins today. KUCH DINON KE LIYE ACHHE DIN AANE WALE HEIN !” Digvijay tweeted on June 12.

Prior to this on June 6, Digvijay wrote on Twitter, “From IPL to French Open to World Cup Hockey to World Cup Football. ACHHE DIN HEIN hum jaise Sports Buffs ke liye.”


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