"This is a ridiculous idea that could have a real negative and adverse effect on Indian football and the I-League, in particular. This isn't cricket. It's football. You can't do it with football. You can do it with cricket. It's great," the former English professional said.
The AIFF and its marketing partner IMG-Reliance have proposed to hold a city-based franchise league on the lines of popular Indian Premier League in cricket.
But the proposal has met with opposition from the I-League clubs who have decided not to release any of their players for the proposed tournament.
"It's nonsense. I do believe it makes a mockery of the I-League. If you see the way some of the teams have done and gone through ... Trevor Morgan (coach of Kingfisher East
Bengal) has done a fantastic job. I have watched them play this year in AFC Cup. They have developed. Now all of a sudden you have a tournament that is 70 days or three months (long)," he said.
"It's not going to help fund the I-League. Why don't they go in and help fund the I-League? That would be more beneficial - by giving the money there, filtering down to the teams, paying the players more, making it more viable. So for me, it's nonsense. I wouldn't agree with that league at all," he added.
Masefield, who was recently appointed Technical Director of Mumbai-based Kooh Sports Football Development Centre, pointed out that a similar thing happened in Indonesia with two domestic leagues in place -- the Indonesian Premier League and the Indonesia Super League -- and it threatened the sport in that country.
"Look what happened in Indonesia with the split. They have got major problems with two leagues running and it is only by the grace of God that FIFA hasn't sanctioned them,” Masefield said.
"I think there would be repercussions. Is it going to be a split league? Is it going to be sanctioned by AIFF? If it is, then later down the line if there is a fallout, then what happens then?" he asked.


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