Mumbai: Tooth discolouration in children is common and can happen due to several reasons. Let's find out how to deal with it.

Tooth discolouration in children can be due to several causes. Whatever the cause may be, you can try to treat it at home before visiting a dentist. This is so because some problems of tooth discoloration are easily resolvable with simple home remedies. For more complex medical conditions, you will need to visit the dentist for a thorough examination and treatment.

A common cause for tooth discolouration is eating or drinking. Tea, coffee, wines, cola drinks, fruits like apples, vegetables like potatoes are some eatables that lead to stained or discoloured teeth in children.

Poor oral hygiene like inadequate brushing and flossing or stains of foods mentioned above will surely lead to teeth discolouration. Excess fluoride intake or injuries to the teeth can also cause discolouration.

The teeth of developing children can get discoloured if antibiotics like doxycycline or tetracycline are given to them. These antibiotics have been found to discolour teeth of children if given to them before the age of 8.

There can be accidental causes of tooth discolouration of children too. At times an accidental fall disturbs the process of enamel formation in children leading to discolouration.
Home remedies to prevent tooth discolouration in children

-  Practicing of proper oral hygiene prevents discolouration caused by inadequate flossing or intake of food stuff that stain the teeth.

- Many fruits have teeth whitening properties that remove teeth discoloration. They are lemon, strawberries and oranges.

-  Toothpaste prepared from baking soda, lime and salt work as a good whitening preparation. Using it for cleansing your teeth daily will help to remove the discolouration.

Courtesy: CityPlus