New Delhi: The boom in economy for the last two decades has driven small-time auto companies of the country in the fast lane.  It has also paved way for Force Motors of Firodia group, which manufactures multi-utility and light commercial vehicle like auto rickshaw, to make an entry into multi-crore vehicle market.

While talking with Dainik Jagran, the Managing Director of Force Motors, Prasan A Firodia, unveiled the strategy of the company. Excerpts

Q. What drove Force Motors towards SUV market?

We have earned accolades for being one of the major companies in commercial vehicle market for the last five decades. Force Motors has been assembling automobile engine parts for the world’s most prominent company-Mercedes Benz. Therefore, it is natural to expand the contour of the company by making foray into personal vehicle market especially Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). The SUV market has a promising future.

Q. Any new Force Motors vehicle to be launched in the market?

By the end of 2013, the company is planning to introduce a nine-seater van. It will be first-of-its kind vehicle in the country. The best quality of this van is that it will be manufactured under the Mercedes-Benz license.

Q. Who will be the buyers for nine seater van?

Only after the market study, Force Motors has planned to launch this special nine-seater van.  Tourism and hospitality sector will be the major customers of this vehicle. In the first year of its launch, only 7,000 vans will be introduced in the market.

Q. Strategies for expansion plans?

Force Motor’s has decided to expand its network in major cities across the country. It is likely that by the end of 2012 the number of dealers will rise to 45. This year, the company will invest over Rs 1,000 crore. Total sales are expected around Rs 4250 crore. Soon, Force Motors will be one billion dollar company.