Colombo: Sri Lanka on Sunday accused foreign governments of not cooperating in its efforts to locate missing persons, including former Tamil Tiger cadres, living overseas under new identities.

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, who spearheaded the successful military campaign that crushed the LTTE in May 2009, told a newspaper here that those put down as missing could be those who had changed their identities to live overseas.

The powerful younger brother of Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa, cited the case of Kumar Gunaratnam the leader of the radical Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) who was reported abducted last week.

Gunaratnam was identified as Noel Mudalige by the Australian embassy in Colombo.

Rajapaksa told the paper that the Australian High Commissioner in Colombo, Robin Mudie, had identified the missing Gunaratnam as Mudalige while acknowledging his Australian citizenship.

"Thousands of Sri Lankans had received new identities particularly in Europe," Rajapaksa told the paper.

The government had earlier claimed that among the large number of LTTE sympathysers living abroad were former Tamil Tiger cadres who had escaped following the end of the ethnic conflict in May 2009.

Even the identities of those arriving illegally in Australia and other countries seeking political refuge were protected, thereby denying Sri Lanka an opportunity to target organised criminal gangs responsible for sending people abroad, Rajapaksa underlined.