There is no reason to doubt Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s remarks that some NGOs availing monetary benefits from the US and European countries are channelising protests against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant. Such instances have come to the fore in the past which further strengthens our belief in the statement made by the Prime Minister. The remarks of the Prime Minister did not bode well with the People’s Movement against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), an NGO leading the protest against Kudankulam plant. Though for a moment we believe that the NGOs are concerned over the safety and security of the nuke plant but to stand against nuclear energy is not justified. It is not the duty of the NGOs to decide whether our country requires nuclear energy or not? Three months have passed since the government has been trying to reach a truce with the agitators but to no avail. The Centre has to take some concrete action now. Union Cabinet minister Narayanswamy also corroborated that three NGOs are availing monetary benefits from foreign countries to stage the protest. But this is not enough as the Centre should now reveal the names of these NGOs to the entire nation. Misusing monetary benefits meant for social causes by the NGOs to stage protest against nuclear plants is interfering in the internal matters of the country.

If foreign money is being used to carry out such protests then the government by just revealing the names of the NGOs cannot shy away from its responsibilities. It has to take some concrete action against them and see that foreign funds are not misused in this manner. The time has come that the Centre must investigate the role of the NGOs across the country and see that the huge foreign assistance they get is used in the desired direction. There are ample evidences to prove that the NGOs misuse the monetary assistance given to them by foreign countries. It is surprising that the government after having known about the incident has merely cancelled their licenses. Probably this is the reason that the protestors are unmoved. Along with Kudankulam many nuke plants across the country are facing the same consequences therefore the states should also play an important role in solving the matter. Neither can we ignore the fact that for petty political gains nuclear plants are being opposed.