New Delhi: After expressing solidarity via internet, foreign nationals have now started turning up at Ramlila Ground to support Anna Hazare in his crusade against corruption.

Many present at Ramlila Ground on Friday were left surprised to find a Dutch family present there. Dutch national Margaret along with her son Lick and daughter Shalop shouted anti-corruption slogans.

“There is a reflection of Mahatma Gandhi in Anna Hazare, and we have come here to support his ‘India against Corruption’ campaign,” she said. 
Margaret came to know about Anna’s campaign through internet, following which she came to India to support the movement.

In full praises for Anna, she said, “This is a rare example, as I believe that giving up everything for the nation by a person seems unlikely in Holland.”
Margaret’s daughter Shalop exclaimed, “The atmosphere here is electrifying and would never believed it, had I not come to India.” 

In addition to the family from Holland, US resident Alexis too came to Ramlila Ground to support Anna. Serving an inspiration for others, Alexis cooked and served food to the protestors.

Newborns named after Anna in Bihar

Impressed by the movement launched by Anna Hazare against corruption, more and more parents here are naming their babies 'Anna' after the Gandhian.

According to Superintendent of Darbhanga Medical College Hospital (DMCH) Suraj Nayak, several parents have registered the names of their babies as Anna during the past week.

Names like Anna Jha, Anna Paswan, Anna Kumari, Anna Shah and Anna Mishra are now being registered, he said.

"It reflects people's resolve to fight corruption and support the Gandhian," a social activist said.

Since the past six days, the trend to name babies after Hazare has gathered steam, said DMCH doctors.

Ramlila Maidan becomes postal address for Anna

Postmen had never ventured here but for the past one week they have been taking rounds of Ramlila Maidan with their mailbags delivering letters to fasting Anna Hazare.

And the addresses on these letters reads Anna Hazare, Fasting Centre, Ramlila Maidan or just Anna Hazare, Ramlila Ground.

Team Anna members said Hazare has got around 50 letters and packets through courier and speedpost.     Most of the letters were in support of Hazare and his fast while some others were to request him to call off his hunger strike as they were concerned about his health.

Letters were coming from as far as Orissa and Tripura.     Hazare, who began his fast on August 16 in police detention, reached Ramlila Maidan three days later after spending three nights in Tihar Jail.

Fire near stage at Hazare's protest site
A minor fire broke out near the stage where Anna Hazare is fasting demanding a strong Lokpal at the Ramlila Maidan here today.

The fire erupted near the dais around noon and it was brought under control immediately. Sources said short circuit could be the reason for the fire.