Greater Noida: Twelve days after the violent clash between the villagers of Bhatta-Parsaul and UP police, the Noida land row continues to be the epicentre of political turf war. Amidst the political gimmick and the blame-game, the state administration sent the forensic team from Lucknow and Agra to the Bhatta-Parsaul villages to bring the true picture into light.

Two days back, samples of ashes were collected from the violence site and sent to forensic laboratory in Agra for the test.

The team headed by Assistant Director of Lucknow Forensic Science Laboratory, Suresh Chandra and Assistant Director of Agra Forensic Lab Dr A K Mittal reached the villages on Thursday and collected 15 samples from different sites. The forensic experts collected 10 samples of ashes of cow dung, four samples of cow dung cakes and one sample of bottle-gourd.

In order to avoid any more controversy over forensic test report, the administration has made sure to get the test done from two different laboratories. “The samples will be tested in both the laboratories of Lucknow and Agra, thereafter the report will be sent to the government,” said Suresh.

The forensic team has also done photography of the collected samples done apart from lifting the samples of burnt vehicles. According to experts, the samples of burnt vehicles were collected to assess if any fuel was used to burn them. 

Meanwhile, the bus service between Dankaur and Jewar via Bhatta has also resumed.

DM takes account of the missing

Although life at Bhatta-Parsaul and other villages is limping back to normal, there is only one fear haunting the villagers- the fate of missing villagers. Hundreds of villagers are still missing. Even if one assumes that some of them may have migrated while others fled to escape police wrath, the number of missing persons is high.

Meanwhile, the injured District Magistrate Deepak Agarwal on Thursday visited the Bhatta-Parsaul village and shared the grievances of the villagers who fought pitched battles with the police on May 7.

Appealing the villagers to cooperate with the administration to search for those who had fled the village and never returned, the district administration authorities are making a list of the missing villagers.

Bhatta has a population of 5,000. As per the electoral rolls, there are 2,700 voters and 500 houses. Ever since the clash broke out, 75 percent of the total men went missing, out of which five percent of them have returned.

Parsaul has a population of 11,000, which includes 4,600 voters and 650 children. People in large number had fled from the village fearing police wrath but majority of them have now returned.