According to an aerospace engineering company, Washington-based Windspeed has filed a SkyDeck patent application. It features a semi-external glass pod that will protrude out of the  plane, where passengers can sit and enjoy mesmerising 360° views as they travel.

According to the company, the SkyDeck will 'provide an exhilarating view of the aircraft’s external environment while in flight for VIP aircraft owners and the airline industry'.

This deck can be customised for different planes design. Larger aircraft will have a two-seat option, while smaller airplane can include space for one-seat passenger.

This feature will widen the gap between the economy and premium class. Undoubtedly, it will dig too deeply in your pockets. The rich people will be instantly ready to pay an exorbitant premium for an astonish experience while for the middle class it will add a wish in their bucket list. This unique concept may turn into a reality soon.

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