The new SMS or Smoke Messaging Service (SMS), developed by German inventor Dennis de Bel, uses a hardware add-on for the iPhone.

First showcased at a recent exhibition in Berlin recently, the SMS prototype could lead to the resurgence in the ancient art of using smoke for communication.

"Smoke Messaging Service takes your device to the next level," he said.

"This iPhone hardware offers you safe, long distance and visual communication for free," De Bel quoted in a report.

How does it work? At the push of a button, lamp-oil is heated and vaporized, sending a little cloud of smoke up in the air right in front of the phone's camera."This cloud could potentially be picked up by the camera and translated in real-time," De Bel added.

"But, that is for later implementation," he said.

To make use of this novel SMS service, the participants must be aware of the code of signals.

"For example, three puffs is 'hello', 5 puffs is 'hello, I'm coming home later'," he explained.

Smoke is considered one of the earliest technologies for long distance visual communication. Smoke signal is used even today by the College of Cardinals to reveal the selection of a new Pope.


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