London: Forgetfulness isn't just confined to the elderly, people in their 30s can suffer memory loss too, a study has revealed. Although lapses kick in on average when people reach the age of 57, many complain that they easily forgot things at a far younger age.

Researchers found that failing to remember someone's name or failing to recall simple words like "apple" plagues those in their 50s, a daily reported.

Nearly two out of five admit to forgetting names of people that they have known for years, a fifth forget keys or glasses and over a tenth are left flummoxed trying to remember their PIN at the cashpoint.

The survey of over 1,000 people aged in their 50s by online memory training course Love To Learn found that while most forgetfulness may be harmless, some have forgotten hospital appointments or even walked off leaving loved ones behind in shops.

One in 10 said that they started to notice their memory going in their 40s and for six percent it started declining in their 30s.

Simple activities such as reading, doing crosswords or puzzles, helping with homework or learning new skills may keep forgetfulness at bay.


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