Let us have a look at some of cricket's traditions which are not practised anymore:

Rest day:
Until 1980s, one day out of the five days long Test match was reserved for resting. On this day, cricketers could be seen enjoying themselves and relaxing so as to gear up for the game next day.

Prohibition of bouncers to the tail-enders
Due to inability of tail-end batsmen to get into right batting position, fast bowlers were asked not to throw bouncers to them to avoid any injury.

Asking the outfielder about the boundary
Umpires used to ask the fielder standing on the boundary if the shot was a four or a six. The fielder was expected to give an honest answer and his signal was taken as the last word.

Applauding a batsman for scoring a century:

Although this is a common sight today, in the earlier times it was a more common. Also, the audiences were expected to give a standing ovation to a batsman when he scores a century, even if he was from the opposite team.

Sharing a drink after day's end:
As a part of this tradition, players would get together in the dressing room to share a drink after every match. After series, parties are still prevalent, but they are more to have fun than to celebrate the spirit of game.

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