Pune: Proposing a novel initiative to deal with the scourge of black money, the Confederation of NGOs in Rural India (CNRI) has urged the government to create a cadre of social workers who would work as informants to intimate the authorities about those in possession of unaccounted money.

Mohan Dharia, former Commerce Minister and Chairman of CNRI said, "The organisation has submitted a note for pre-budget consideration for 2012-13 and requested the Finance Minister to undertake the suggested measures to tackle the issue of black money."

He said the Government should announce that a cadre of social workers will be created all over the country "and they will intimate the Government after 31/03/2012, if anybody is in possession of unaccounted or black money.

Such informants will be treated as social workers and will be paid 10 percent of the amount disclosed by the defaulters".

Releasing the contents of the note, Dharia said that Government should categorically state that such defaulters will be treated as anti-nationals and will be criminally prosecuted with a punishment of 5 years rigorous imprisonment, in addition to confiscation of all the assets and money belonging to them.

"With this measure Government shall have crores of rupees available for development purposes. There cannot be any reason for resorting to deficit financing or any debt now burdening the Government," said Dharia, a former deputy chairman of Planning Commission.

Special Fast Track Courts (SFTC) should be set up for speedy trial of the corrupt.

Noting that the Planning Commission as well as central and state governments have conceded that gap in between rich and the poor has been widening every day, he said to bridge it government should levy luxury tax.