Dehra Dun: With the swearing-in ceremony of the Tehri Garhwal MP Vijay Bahuguna as the new Uttarakhand Chief Minister, the party high command is in no hurry to give final shape to the state Cabinet. Facing factional feud in the state party unit, the Congress will take steps to quell MP Harish Rawat and its supporters first. To overcome the problem the party might give preference to Rawat’s demands in selecting ministers for the state Cabinet.

The newly elected CM Bahuguna has cleared that within two to three days the party will declare the names of Cabinet ministers. However, taking note of the current political situation in the hill state, there are possibilities of further delay.

Evidently, the party is going through factionalism with the selection of Bahuguna as the leader of the legislative assembly. In this situation the Congress would have to take preventive measure before selecting state Cabinet ministers. It would be a tough challenge for Bahuguna and the party command to maintain a balance at the time of crisis.

More so, in the 70 member legislative assembly, the Congress can appoint only 12 members as Cabinet ministers.

Failing to get majority in the assembly elections, the Congress has formed coalition with the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Uttarakhand Karanti Dal (UKD) and Independents. Following which the Congress would have to give four to five ministerial berths to its coalition partners. This will leave only six to seven seats in the Congress share.

The constraints will raise problems for the Congress in selecting the candidates for the state cabinet from its own camp.