New Delhi: The retired officials who were reinstated by former Air India CMD Arvind Jadhav into Air India and Indian Airlines are likely to be shown the exit door.

The new AI CMD Rohit Nandan has prepared a list of such officers who were appointed with the highhandedness of former AI CMD Arvind Jadhav.

According to sources, these officers were quite close to Jadhav, who used to help him take decisions.

With no experience in the aviation sector, Jadhav had appointed the retired officers as his advisors, but their suggestions did not prove good for the national carrier.

Their advices were said to be anti-union. Union’s voices were suppressed and even suggestions from the Standing Committee were also ignored.

In contrast with Jadhav, Nandan, who served as Joint Secretary in the Aviation Ministry, has good knowledge about the aviation industry.

During Jadhav’s tenure, the national carrier had incurred a loss of Rs 40, 000 crore. Nandan has urged the government to provide a revival package and asked for Rs 6, 500- crore equity. The Standing Committee had suggested this equity five years back but the government was under impression that the situation of Air India would improve.