New Delhi: Supporting Gen (Retd) V K Singh who shared dais with Anna Hazare on Friday, former senior army officers feel the former army chief will be able to regain the confidence of people after his battle with government on his age and give "right" direction to Hazare's movement as well.

"I think since his Date of Birth (DoB) issue in the service, he had made his mind. Joining politics is not a bad thing...  One should not think that ex-servicemen and retired Generals joining politics is a bad thing. My best wishes are with Gen Singh," Major Gen (retd) Sheru Thapliyal said.

Pointing out that most of the American Presidents were retired soldiers, Major Gen G D Bakshi said "it is quite alright for a clean soldier like General V K Singh to come up and join politics. Soldiers and ex-servicemen should not be kept out of our political system."

Air Marshal (Retd) A K Singh called Singh's entry into politics a commendable step and had a word of caution for him not to let it turn into his personal battle of honour and integrity.

"I think this is a commendable step if he fights corruption. But if it turns into another fight for personal gains, then people are intelligent enough to understand that," he said.

"There was lack of honour and prestige when he left the service. So, now may be he is trying to earn that back. If it works well, then it is good for both Anna and Gen Singh. But if it fizzles out, then Gen Singh will have to think again as he is trying to win the confidence of people," Air Marshal Singh said.

Seeing no harm in retired soldiers joining politics, Lt Gen (retd) R K Sawhney said "General V K Singh is a retired man, he can do whatever he likes. What is the harm in it (in joining politics)? General V K Singh has supported Anna's views and it is his free will and prerogative."


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