Arguing that Pakistan will 'shamelessly' deny that Dawood is not there, Singh, in an interview to a news channel, said if he has to brought back, then 'other methods' will have to be adopted. He said 'other groups' can be funded and trained to undertake an operation. Asked what was stopping Indian agencies to undertake such an operation, Singh said, "Political determination and decision".

"The Prime Minister and the Home Minister will have to tell their agencies that this has to be done. Then this will be done," he added. Pitching for a strong retaliatory action against terror attacks in the country originating from Pakistan, Singh said India has to become like Israel otherwise 'people will keep hitting us and we will keep getting hurt'.

Asked if he meant the way US undertook an operation in Pakistan to kill Osama, he cited, "Not exactly but something similar". Singh's comments came just hours after Pakistan canceled the NSA-level talks with India. New Delhi was all set to present new evidence of Dawood's stay in the neighbouring country in the proposed meeting. Former Home Secretary hinted at the possibility of carrying out an operation in a third country.

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