Love, however, is a flower which can bloom even on barren land. And if there are feelings of envy and aggressiveness between the opposite teams, fans decorate the stadiums with emotions of affection and passion.

Below are examples of few moments in the history of cricket, when fans did quirky activities to get the attention of their favourite players:

This is arguably one of the most famous fan-girl moments in the history of Indian cricket. Pacer Zaheer Khan's female fan was greeted with a flying kiss from the handsome pacer after the stadium television showed her holding a placard with the text: 'Zaheer, I love you'.

Virat Kohli was able to make an entire generation of females jealous with just one gesture. After completing his half century during an ODI match between India and Sri Lanka in 2004, he threw flying kiss to his girlfriend Anushka Sharma and made headlines all over:

MS Dhoni, who is now hitched and is father to a beautiful daughter, always enjoyed a lot of attention from his female fans. During one of India's matches, his fans were shown holding a poster with a love message for Dhoni. This was captured by the camera and India's captain cool was seen blushing like teenager.

The video below shows the compilation of most romantic on-field moments in the history of cricket. Enjoy:

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