Jerusalem: Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will be indicted along with 18 other suspects for allegedly taking bribes in a massive property scandal, the prosecution announced.

The disgraced PM was forced to resign following a string of graft charges against him.

The Tel Aviv District prosecution accepted the police recommendation to put the suspects on trial due to their participation in the alleged bribery scheme involving the "Holyland" residence project in Jerusalem, which was promoted during Olmert's decade-long tenure as the city's mayor.

All the suspects will be indicted for corruption, bribery, and other charges.

The other key suspects in the affair include former Jerusalem mayor Uri Lupolianski and Olmert's former bureau chief Shula Zaken.

The prosecution said that it has amassed evidence according to which Hillel Charney, the Holyland project developer, allegedly promoted the approval of building plans and the construction of the projects by bribing various publicly-elected officials and public workers so they could use their authority to advance the interests of the project planners.

However, the former Israeli Premier has denied all charges against him pleading innocence.

"Olmert stated that he has never accepted bribes, neither directly nor indirectly, and he stands behind this statement today," his lawyers said in a statement on Monday.

Last year, Olmert was named as a key suspect in the Holyland affair in which he is suspected of having taken bribes totalling some 1.5 million shekels (USD 422,000).

The bribes were allegedly given during construction of the massive complex in the 1990s.

Olmert resigned under pressure in September 2008 after police recommended he be indicted in the other cases.