Mumbai, Feb 1 (Jagran News Network): Bitterness between former lovers Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor is a Passé . They were at loggerheads post break up so much so that two years before they could hardly maintain any kind of eye contact with each other when the two incidently came face to face but now the things have changed for better.

Both of them have indeed moved on and are happy in their respective lives. According to media reports, they were spotted talking to each other at 56th Filmfare Awards 2010.

When Kareena was walking out of the stage after her performance for the evening, she spotted Shahrukh Khan and Shahid having a conversation back stage. The actress very promptly walked up to them and greeted them with a Hi! The trio had a talk for a while and continued with their respective works. Saif Ali Khan also confirmed the reports saying, “Yes, Kareena did speak to Shahid at Filmfare. They met as one should."

 They have certainly come a long way; both of them are involved in steady relationships and have no issues in maintaining a formal friendship with each other.