A crowd of people, including students gathered to listen to the former technocrat President speak in a session which saw Kalam engaging with them and urging them to set their aims high and bring glory to the nation while being a good member of the family, nation and the world.
When Kalam posed the question "How many of you want to be unique?" a great many youngsters raised their hands. To this, Kalam recounted that over the last two decades he had met 95 million youths in the country and all them wanted to be unique.
"Don't be afraid of a fear of failure," the missile man said at a packed session. He also urged youngsters to work for the betterment of other's lives.
Replying to a question from the audience about the turning point of his life, he mentioned that one of the greatest moments of happiness in his life was when India conducted nuclear tests in Pokhran range in Western Rajasthan.

Kalam's session on Day 4 of the JLF had been titled "Ignited Minds," based on a book by the same name first published in 2002.
The 'Samvad' venue of the Diggi Palace, venue of the festival was overflowing with people, many schoolchildren and elderly people, and festival volunteers faced tough time in crowd control. Entry to the venue had to be closed due to limited seating.

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