Patiala: Former medical officer of NIS Patiala, Dr Sanjib Nandi was on Wednesday physically assaulted by guards as he tried to enter the institution premises here to meet Justice Mukul Mudgal, who is probing the athletics doping scandal.

Nandi, who blew the whistle on the doping practices in NIS Patiala, wanted to Justice Mudgal but was stopped by the guards at the gates this morning and refused entry.

He alleged that he was beaten up by the guards as he insisted on meeting Justice Mudgal, who is heading the committee formed by the Sports Ministry to probe into the recent doping scandal, in which as many as eight top athletes tested positive for anabolic steroids.

The former SAI official said that he would lodge a complaint with the local police.

"I wanted to meet Justice Mudgal and give a representation to him on the organised doping that takes place in NIS Patiala. But the guards refused to allow me entry", Nandi said.

"The guards said that they had orders to stop me from entering. I told them to show me the order but they could not.

Since I insisted on meeting Justice Mudgal, they beat me up", Nandi claimed.

"I am going to lodge a complaint against this incident," he added.

Nandi had earlier blown the lid on wrongdoings in NIS Patiala and claimed that doping was rampant in the institution premises for which he was removed from his post.