Kabul: Four people including a former senator of Afghan parliament were on Saturday killed in an IED blast in southern Afghanistan, a provincial security official said.

"Khairo Jan, two of his bodyguards and another tribal leader were killed when their vehicle was targeted with a remote controlled blast near Tiran Kot, the capital city of Uruzgan province in the afternoon," said Farid Ayal spokesman for the provincial police chief in southern Uruzgan province.

Uruzgan is one of those dangerous provinces of the country where many government officials were attacked by the insurgents in the past.

It is also a safe haven for the insurgents to launch their attacks to the other parts of the country.

Khairo Jan, who was a former senator and a leader of the Poplzai tribe in Uruzgan province, was killed while he was going to his hometown Dayak in southern part of Tirin Kot city, added Ayal.

Meanwhile, ISAF in a statement that one of their service members died as a result of non-battle related injury in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday.

ISAF did not provide any further details.