New Delhi: Astro-enthusiasts are in for a celestial spectacle on Monday with four planets poised to appear in conjunction after sunset.

Sky lovers can see planet Jupiter paired with the moon in the western sky after sunset, Director of Planetary Society of India, N Raghunandan said.

Both moon and Jupiter will appear to be near each other as seen from earth, Raghunandan said, adding this celestial event is astronomically known as Conjunction of moon with Jupiter.

In positional astronomy, Conjunction means as seen from earth, two celestial bodies appear to be near one another in the sky, he said.

Planet Jupiter can be seen in the western direction at about 10 PM on Monday.

Below our natural satellite moon, Venus can be seen in the western direction, he said.

Venus, Jupiter and the slender crescent moon will line up in the western sky, forming a bright triangle in the evening twilight, the official said, adding they are so bright, they can shine through thin clouds and even city lights.

Sky gazers can also see red-planet Mars in the eastern direction after sunset.

Ring-planet Saturn, too, is adorning the eastern night sky theatre, Raghunandan said.

On March 14, the Conjunction of Venus with Jupiter will take place where both Venus and Jupiter would be paired appearing side by side in the sky, he added.