A new study that sheds light on which couples move towards or away from marriage over time found that partner-focused couples rate highest in terms of increasing commitment and satisfaction.

"The four types of dating couples that we found included the dramatic couple, the conflict-ridden couple, the socially involved couple, and the partner-focused couple," said Brian
Ogolsky, assistant professor at University of Illinois. The researchers developed these categories after studying graphs created by 376 dating couples in their mid-twenties.
Over a nine-month period, participants tracked how committed they were to marrying their partner and why. Ogolsky asked participants to explain their reasoning when their commitment level had gone up or down. Dramatic daters are twice as likely to break up as other couples, he said.
"They tend to make decisions based on negative events that are occurring in the relationship or on discouraging things that they're thinking about the relationship, and those things are likely to chip away at their commitment," he said.
Dramatic couples also attribute changes in their commitment to time spent with their own friends or by doing things separately rather than as a couple. Partner-focused couples have the highest chance of staying together and being happy over time, Ogolsky said.


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