Much to the relief of the state administration, which had made elaborate security arrangements for the festival, Chhath ended peacefully barring a few minor incidents. Women devotees, known as 'varti', ended their 36-hour fast by offering prayers and floating lighted earthen lamps in rivers and other water bodies. They also distributed offerings among family members, relatives and neighbours.

The offerings comprised fruits, home-made sweets like thekua, pedas, pakwan, chawal laddoo (sweets made of rice), raw vegetables and the first crop from the fields. All the sweets and offerings were arranged in baskets and trays made of bamboo. Sun, considered the god of energy and life force, is worshipped during Chhath for well being, prosperity and progress.

The devotees had offered prayers to the setting sun last evening. According to officials, more than five lakh people gathered on the banks of the Ganges and Punpur rivers on Friday evening and Saturday morning to offer prayers to the Sun god in Patna and neighbouring districts.

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