Though applying perfume is not enough to spread aromatic vibes, you need to know the rules of wearing a perfume for its longer stay.

First of all, choose a perfume of your own choice. Choose the fragrance which you like the most, it can be a floral or spicy or a fresh one. Don't go by others' opinion.

Sample first! It is not necessary that the perfume your friend is wearing will suit you also. Before buying a perfume take a sample test on your skin first and give it at least 20 minutes.

For longer stay, use it with some scented moisturizers. Apply some lotion or body cream on that particular area where you would be applying it. This will help your fragrance to stay longer.

Never ever spray perfume on your hair. Although this might give your hair a pleasant smell, but it will damage your hair as most of the perfumes are alcohol based.

For longer stay, apply perfume on your pulse points as these are the areas that produce a lot of body heat. Apply on knees, behind the knees, thighs and torso. But don't spray it on your neck and under your arms as it's very unhealthy and will dry up the skin.

Like you create a separate wardrobe for your favourite clothes, create a new one for fragrances which will have all different kinds of smell and it can be used for different occasions and different day time.

Last but not the least, don't use your perfume beyond time period as they too have a life shell. If they are too costly to be thrown away, use them as a room freshner but don't apply them on your sensitive skin.


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