The ruling alliance cannot shift the ball in anyone else’s court for the discomfiture suffered in both houses of the Parliament during the discussion on Sports Minister Ajay Maken’s controversial statement in which he had held the NDA government responsible for the appointment of Suresh Kalmadi as Chairman of Commonwealth Games Organising Committee. Even though the Union Government is yet to counter the allegations levelled by the Opposition, there is no doubt that it would repeat the previous statement on NDA’s decision which had appointed Kalmadi as the Chairman of the Organising Committee? If for a while, it is assumed that the NDA government had reportedly signed a contract under which the mantle of CWG’s Organising Committee Chairman was to be given to the Chairman of Indian Olympic Association, it is bound to question the factors help propel the Union government to become a slave of this contract. Was India at that time too governed by the British rules?  Was it mentioned in the contract that it was not possible to remove the Chairman even if he carried out one mistake after the other? If Ajay Maken’s statement are justified then why did the then Sports Minister late Sunil Dutt felt aggrieved and surprised when instead of him the name of Kalmadi was decided as the Chairman of Organising Committee? Is it not true that Dutt has raised an objection over the secret and mysterious appointment of Kalmadi as the Chairman? Now the entire nation is well-versed with the fact that annoyed by Kalmadi’s move to make decisions as per his whims and fancies, the former Sports Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar had written several letters to the Prime Minister but all his efforts went in vain. At one time, the entire media had stood up against the irregularities carried out by Kalmadi, however it failed to draw the attention of the concerned authorities.
By now the Union Government should concern that sophism will not act as a shield to defend it’s self respect and dignity. Similarly, an act of haste can compound to the miseries of the Centre. One fails to understand the logic behind the Sports Minister’s clarification on this issue in the Parliament even before the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report on Common Wealth Games (CWG) was made public. By coming up with a half baked explanation far before it was required, Maken has only given invitation to trouble. How did the Union Government believe that the country would accept the preposterous statement of Maken according to which it had become inevitable to remove Kalmadi after he was named as Chairman of Organising Committee by the NDA government? In context to the CAG report, the Centre had argued in the Parliament that demanding resignation on basis of such reports could lead to major problems. It seems a valid point, but the Congress has forgotten that after the CAG report on purchase of coffins during the Kargil war, the party had gone all out against the then Defence Minister George Fernandes. Does the Congress believe rules for the party are different to that of the Opposition? If the Congress and it’s allies in the Union government opine that concealing the facts or misleading the nation will help reduce their miseries, they are living in a fool’s paradise.