Hollande met his closest EU partner yesterday during a week of intense but so far faltering efforts by France to build a coalition to crush IS in its fiefdom in Iraq and Syria.
Hollande said he hoped Germany "can do even more in the fight against Daesh in Syria and Iraq", using another term for IS, which claimed responsibility for the carnage in the French capital.
Merkel said in response she would act 'swiftly' to see how Germany could take up 'additional responsibilities' to assist in the fight against terror. "We will be stronger than the terror," she said.
In one step in that effort, Germany yesterday it would send 650 soldiers to Mali to provide some relief to French forces battling jihadists in the west African nation.
Hollande and Merkel said they hoped tensions would calm between Russia and Turkey -- two potential components of the anti-IS alliance -- which fell out over the downing of a Russian warplane at the Turkish-Syrian border.


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