New Delhi: BJP leader and eminent lawyer Arun Jaitley opposed any guideline to regulate the media but asked it to "discipline" itself when it comes to coverage of criminal cases where it is in the habit of passing judgments. Jaitley also alleged a "free and fair trial" has become "extremely difficult" in India because of "irresponsible judgements" being made by the media.

"In India, free and fair trial has become extremely difficult because of irresponsible judgements being made by the media. Therefore, you need to reconcile and the media must understand it is vitiating these trials," he said.

He narrated an incident in the United Kingdom where a court restrained a newspaper from carrying a news item which it thought was not good for the ongoing trial.

"Indian media has become a serious threat to free and fair trial and this is the only area where you need to introspect," he said.

Speaking at a panel discussion on 'Relationship between Media and Politicians', Jaitley said he would personally oppose any kind of guidelines to regulate the media.

"My personal view is that as a rule I would oppose any kind of guidelines except in one case where I think you need to discipline yourself as far as criminals trials are concerned," he said.

Jaitley was responding to a question whether he would support if the Supreme Court comes up with guidelines for the media.


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