"The central government plans to sign a free trade agreement with the EU which will force our country to import milk and milk products from them. That will destroy domestic the country's dairy sector," Modi said, while addressing the Gujarat Co-operative Congress.
"This (UPA) government is bent upon destroying the agriculture-based animal husbandry and dairy culture of our country, as it has decided to go ahead with the free trade agreement by keeping the domestic co-operative dairy and animal husbandry sector in dark," he alleged.
Due to the agreement, milk and milk products would be dumped in the country and that would harm India's domestic and co-operative sector, he alleged.
Alleging that the central government had adopted a "discriminatory" policy against Gujarat's co-operative sector, Modi said that despite Gujarat's capacity to provide milk to many other states, the central government had ‘refused’ to make railway milk tanker facilities available.
"Poor people are not in the priority list of this central government," he alleged. Modi criticised the central government for not heeding a demand to reduce interest rates for farmers in Gujarat who faced crop failure due to delayed monsoons last year.
"We requested that interest rates on loans from nationalized banks be reduced from seven per cent to four percent, but that was never considered by this anti-poor central government," he alleged.


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