Freedome app is very simple to use. One just has to choose what one desires to block (phone, cell data, wifi data, bluetooth), select the time interval of blocking and hit start.

This new app runs on Android and iOS and understands how helpless most people feel when they worry about being watched all the time while using mobile phones. To put it simply, the software is a blend of virtual private network, anti-tracking, anti-virus and anti-phishing technology rolled into one package.

The Freedome UI features just an On-Off toggle at the interface one lands on upon clicking open the app. It connects to the internet through the company’s F-Secure Cloud or chooses to hide your IP address by picking another country such as US, UK, Finland, Germany and Sweden as your virtual location.

The developers of this app confirm that advertisers won’t be able to track users’ locations and there’s less reason to fear public Wi-Fi hotspots owing to the data encryption technology.

If one is traveling abroad and want to stream content from a favorite online service which is not available outside one’s home country, can use fake your virtual location for the same.

The app offers you stats on the number of viruses, harmful sites and trackers among other things that it has managed to deal with appropriately.