She suggested that her decision to have the Lok Sabha TV show Opposition members shouting slogans in the Well and carrying placards might have played a role in their agreeing to a discussion on the Lalit Modi row allegedly involving Swaraj.

"You (Congress) have said what you want. Now you are obstructing the Minister (Swaraj) from replying... That was very much wrong," she told to a media channel.
Asked about the disruption by BJP members when Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi spoke, she said that was a 'retaliation'.

Mahajan said she was with those who felt 'disillusioned' at the disruptions in the Parliament leading to a virtual washout of the Monsoon Session and said she wanted to stop members from rushing to the Well and carrying placards.
"If I can do these two things, I will consider my speakership successful," she said, adding, "Having such unruly behaviour of members, I am also aghast. We have not come here for this. May be, it is damaging to democracy I agree with this."

Told that such disruptions had occurred earlier, including by BJP, she said 'obstruction is never good' and she was trying to make a start.
She had suspended 25 Congress members because of their 'persistent' disruption as she wanted to show 'mirrors' to members.
"People must learn. The Parliament has some rules and they must be followed," she said. Mahajan, however, added she did not feel happy using the cane and does not want another such episode of suspension.

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