New Delhi: The rampant power cuts in the capital have added to the summer woes of the people already sweating hard under the soaring temperatures. With the temperature reaching 38 degree celsius and extreme humidity making conditions worse, the power requirement of the capital escalated to a maximum of 5028 Megawatts (MW) on Tuesday.

This led to frequent power cuts giving sleepless nights to the city dwellers.

According to the data provided by Transco, Delhi recorded peak requirement of power at 5028 MW on Tuesday. However, the power production of various power plants in the capital summed up to just 1114 MW.

Also, Delhi receives 3431 MW of electricity from the Central Power Sector as compared to the scheduled 3621 MW. Damodar Valley supplies 200 MW and other sources also contribute another 200 MW electricity to Delhi. Despite this, it still fell short by 100 MW on Tuesday.

However, BP Dutta, Director, Transco said, “Transco is not carrying out any power cuts. If it happens, it might be due to a local fault”.

Many colonies in east, west and south Delhi like Shahdara, Uttam Nagar, Pitampura, Rohini suffered due to the shortage of power.