New Delhi: Soon after the verdict of the Supreme Court TRAI has initiated for fresh 2G auctions. However, experts believe that this will prove to be a big challenge for both government and the Telecom authority.

According to the experts from the telecom field, there are several important issues which need to be addressed for carrying a successful bidding and mitigate the speculations of uncertainty in tariff hikes due to the high prices of spectrums.

Fixing prices of 122 cancelled licences of 2G spectrums for their reallocation in the fresh bid will be the million dollar question for TRAI as well as for the government.

Besides this, ensuring an easy gateway for the telecom companies in availing loan and guarantee from banks will also be among the highest priority of the government.

The markets have shown a drastic change after the verdict of the Apex Court to cancel 122 2G licences of the spectrums allocated to several telecom giants in the country.

Experts claim the proposed bidding process is entirely different from that of the 3G auctions adopted two years ago.
In current scenario, the number of telecom firms is comparatively less than that of the available spectrums. In such a condition chances of a hike in prices of spectrums are very high.

Moreover, this will further escalate the tariff charges.

Meanwhile, the Department of Telecommunications and Finance Ministry have very crucial role to play in setting up of the roadmap for easing over Rs 40, 000 crore loan burden on the firms whose licences have been cancelled following the Supreme Court verdict.